28E Arctec Durable Non-slip Coating.

Metal_SprayingWe have purchased a new twin wire arc spray system to add further metal spraying capabilities as an option to our vast range of blasting facilities, industrial paint and powder coating finishes.

Steel floors, decks and panels are used in many applications from train steps to oil platforms. Untreated, this steel can become very slippery, especially in wet conditions. In many applications, corrosion is also a hazard. Safe walking and industrial operating conditions are vital to personal safety and corporate productivity.

Surface Industries Ltd. can now metal spray the 28E Arctec Durable Non-slip coating which provides non-slip and corrosion resistance that is superior to hot dip galvanised or painted finishes.

Galvanised surfaces can become slippery when wet and painted coatings can degrade quickly in heavy use.

Although thermal spray aluminium (TSA), zinc or alloys of these provide excellent corrosion protection in very aggressive environments, pure TSA is not really durable enough to prevent long term wear, especially on floor plates. 

 With our new capabilities, we can now apply the 28E Arctec coating with a rough texture that has unrivalled non-slip properties and which is extremely hard and resistant to wear. It is corrosion resistant and because of its durability, it enables site owners to forget about rust or slipping with the added advantage of a first maintenance expectation of 15 to 20 years.

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